The Manifesto

The Migrantour project has now a history of more than 12 years and during this long time we have never stopped reflecting on the assumptions, objectives and methods of our commitment. In the autumn of 2021, the enrichment of the network with the engagement of many new partners in different European countries gave us the opportunity to harvest what we have learned and experienced in these years. We met all together online to discuss the shared meaning that Migrantour has for intercultural companions and project staff members in all the cities involved.

We are glad and proud to present here the result of our reflection: the “MIGRANTOUR MANIFESTO” expresses the ethical, poetic and political horizon within which the intercultural walks have been framed since 2009 as a concrete practice of intercultural encounter.  We therefore invite you to take a little journey through our MANIFESTO, pausing for a few minutes to reflect on the keywords that inspire our initiative: equality, solidarity, dialogue, memory, discovery, change, diversity, inclusiveness, future…

Download the “Manifesto Migrantour”»