rebecca1  Ciao! Hello! 你好!

These are the three languages I have spoken so far, but I would like to learn some more.

My name is Rebecca and I am Italian, pure Milanese breed, 25 years old. Since I was 6 I have travelled a lot in Italy, Europe, US and Arabia. My last trip was to Shanghai, where I was called Luo Mei 罗美 and I have lived for 9 months. Actually, I am still travelling! Being part of Migrantour allows me to walk in Milan’s multiethnic neighborhoods and to meet people coming from other countries, listening to their stories, learning about their habits and gathering their impressions on my town. Migrantour offers us the possibility to find out about it together! So, what are you waiting for? See you soon! As an intercultural companion, my Milan intercultural tour aims at promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.