My name is Patricia, I come from Peru, in particular from Lima, a town on the Pacific Ocean coast. I have lived in Genoa since 1997. From Peru, I have brought my work experience with migrants and this is why I volunteer in a center for migrants and I work as a cultural mediator. To me, living in Genoa is like being in an outdoor Museum. This is why intercultural routes include art, history and shop of the world. Genoa is a town to be told about, interesting and enriching for people of all ages. It is a pleasure to be an intercultural companion in the Historic District, to share cohabitation of the Genoese, Latin American and other cultures in a religious and musical path, and to convey my experience as a migrant in the town that has hosts me!
As an intercultural companion, I collaborate proposing an intercultural tour of Genoa promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.