mygrantour-Patricia-roma My name is Patricia, I am 25 years old and I was born in Arequipa, a city in the South of Peru. I study at La Sapienza university at the faculty of Political Sciences. I arrived in Rome when I was 17 years old.During my journey to Italy I met people from other countries who in times of discouragement could cheer me up, with small gestures from their hears.

In Rome I graduated from high school and later kept on studying at university, where I attended various courses. I attended the Italian course and later the course for Intercultural Mediators at the Community Sant’Egidio, where I had, once again, the opportunity to meet and get to know people from different countries.

In my life experience and in my heart I have both my country and Rome, Italy. They are both two beautiful places, with two different (but not so different) cultures, with their monuments, landscapes, good food, cheery people, but also with their problems and struggles. All in all, they are still unique and marvellous!