Mohamed Adi

MGT Mars Mohamed Adi

My name is Mohamed Adi* and I have lived in the Belsunce neighborhood for over twenty years. Through Migrantour, I would like to unveil this neighborhood that has a beautiful history, which is an actual tale.

And if you do not know what you know, you will know it. But if you do not know you do not know, you will never know” **.

So, let me take you to Belsunce backstage to meet those who represent Marseille today. I have a time machine and I will take you through the different times following the migratory flows of the different countries making Marseille a town full of life. Embark on this trip, leave prejudices behind you and have your eyes and ears wide open. This is a tale, a tour which is narrated in the magical world of the Belsunce neighborhood. Once upon a time……….

* narrator, actor and entertainer of the “Le Pied NU” Association in Marseille Panier neighborhood and organizer of the “Belsunciades” festival in the Belsunce neighborhood.

** African saying