“Passion Lives Here” was the slogan of the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.

That passion lives in Turin, is clear from the eyes of the Torinese when you talk to them about anything born in the shadow of the Mole, such as fashion, cinema or cars. In this case, however, we are happy and proud that the project “Torino Migranda” has become the launchpad for a network of international urban intercultural tours led by migrants; that is, Migrantour!   It was no accident this all started in Turin: where else can you find another city with a market like Porta Palazzo, where you can find absolutely anything and hear more than 60 different languages and dialects from across the world on a daily basis?! The history of migration in our city starts in the 1800s with the Piedmontese peasants that came to Turin from the countryside to sell their produce. The economic boom linked to Fiat in the 1960s then brought in thousands of workers from the South and North East of Italy. Finally, the international migration of recent decades has completely altered the cultural panorama of the city as Turin has absorbed habits and customs from nearby and faraway lands. All this at the same time as ever more tourists were leaving to go to see those very places. A missed opportunity for an encounter that Migrantour has now made possible: responsible, lowcost and environmentally-friendly tourism at kilometre zero. So let’s get started!


Around the world in a square:Porta Palazzo
Porta Palazzo, Porta Pila, Bab al-Kssar, Adjamé marché are just some of the many names given in different languages to this square! Porta Palazzo is the largest market in Europe and takes place every morning, a few hundred metres from Piazza Castello in the heart of Turin. It is a treasure trove of faces, smells, images and sensations: cross a road and you pass through Asia, Africa and South America. You will discover flavours and foods of the world, hearing directly from the people that share its origins. To find out more.
United colours of San Salvario
Walking through the streets of San Salvario, a model district of integration and urban redevelopment, you will make a journey among the religions of the world. Starting from the Porta Nuova station you will arrive at the Waldensian Temple, to continue the itinerary towards the Synagogue, the Catholic Church of S.S. Peter and Paul and end with a meeting at the Islamic prayer room Omar Ibn Al Khattab.To find out more.
Borgo San Paolo Sin Fronteras
Borgo San Paolo, the “red village” of the anti-fascist resistance, is the most Latin American quarter of Turin. You will leave from the Belgravia bookshop for a short journey into Latin American literature, then continue with a visit to associations and projects dedicated to second-generation young people and get to know, at the Church of Jesus Adolescent, the celebrations of the Señor de los Milagros. To find out more.
Mirafiori, from the factory-town to the world-town
The itinerary starts from the Casa del Parco and along the way you will learn the stories of the FIAT workers and of the Italian internal migrations between the ’50s and ’70s. You will end the walk by meeting the Tibetan monks at the Milarepa Centre. To find out more
Regio Parco at the center of interculture
Regio Parco is a small jewel on the north-eastern outskirts of the city. A place to rediscover where cultures meet and dialogue. From the Intercultural Centre of the City of Torino, which every year offers training courses, events and activities with the aim of fostering knowledge and exchange between natives and migrants and which successfully promotes the Youth at the Centre project, to then continue the path towards the mosque of via Botticelli for a meeting on Islam. Crossing the market in Corso Taranto, among the scents and flavours of southern Italy, and the council houses in the ancient village of Regio Parco, we arrive in front of the Regia Manifattura Tabacchi (Royal Tobacco Factory), which recalls the history of the workers who worked here. The itinerary ends at the Alma Mater, an all-female association in which the skills and talents of women are enhanced once again under the banner of interculture. To find out more.
Beyond all barriers!
Barriera di Milano has become over time a mosaic of cultures, a laboratory of social projects that seek to transform the fragility of the neighborhood into potential. You will start from a meeting centre like the Bagni Pubblici in via Agliè, admire the murals of Millo and discover the solidarity of the Fa Bene project, and end at the “Il passo social point” social centre of Diaconia Valdese which offers services and activities for young people and mothers. To find out more.


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