Liliana Paladines


Hello everybody, my name is Liliana Paladines and I am Ecuadorian.

I have lived in Italy for 12 years as my parents had to migrate here and wanted their family to be in the same place.

I have a job and I am currently attending the course of Marketing and Global Corporate Management at the University of Economics.

Since I was an adolescent, I have experienced different multilinguistic and multireligious contexts, this is why every day is particularly challenging for me in terms of identity: I have started gathering information on the so-called “Second Generations” and I have even been involved in integration and co-development projects, which have led me to become one of the founders of the Ecquita Association, aimed at telling Italians about Ecuador and telling Ecuadorians about Italy.

After these two experiences, I have decided to take part in “Migrantour” to share with you a little bit about my country and other Latin American countries, but not only.