Lasaad bouajilMy name is Lassaad and I am of Tunisian origin, from Ghenada (Monastir). I lived in my beautiful Tunisia until the age of 22. I moved to Turin in 2000 to enrol at the university in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, where I gained my degree. As a native Arabic speaker, I taught Arabic to Italians as well as second generation children of Tunisian origins. My interest in the theme of immigration began accidentally when I discovered that my neighbour, Mrs “Emma”, who is Tunisian by birth, has Italian origins (from Sicily). I thought I was good at cooking couscous but in comparison with her, I was an amateur! From that moment I sought to collect information on Italian migration into Tunisia, completing my research with a final dissertation on Italian language and culture in Tunisia. I have a special relationship with Turin: even if I was born elsewhere, it feels my own, a second home. However, at times I find it suffocating and it makes me want to leave. But don’t worry: it would seem these are just the normal reflections and thoughts of an average migrant.