My name is Ievgeniia. I have Russian-Polish origins and I was born in east Ukraine, in the beautiful town of Donetsk, where I got my degree in mechanical engineering. The languages I speak and my passion for travelling have led me to work in import and export. This is why, 2 years ago, when I came to live in Italy, Genoa, a town full of history and art, moving has not been so heavy and, on the contrary, I have tried to learn and study, inspired by this magnificent town! I am currently working as a simultaneous interpreter and a cultural mediator, I teach Russian and I attend Genoa University to get my second degree, this time in Economics of maritime, logistic and transport companies. Being an intercultural companion motivates me even more to learn about this town and its different cultures!
As an intercultural companion, I collaborate proposing an intercultural tour of Genoa promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.