MGT Mars Gabi

My name is Gabi Carlson* and I come from Argentina, a country that can be fully understood only through migrations.

I was born in a coastal town in the province of Buenos Aires on the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Since I was a child, I have always been passionate for travelling and meeting other peoples. After over 20 years of journalism in Buenos Aires, I have fallen in love with a handsome French man and I have followed him up to Marseille. As a matter of fact, when I arrived here, this town was not at all what I expected it to be. It was not like what I believed to be the “first world”, to use the Southern American expression indicating Europe. However, how can you love something without even knowing it?

Migrantour has allowed me knowing this town better and loving it. Learning its history has helped me understanding it, meeting its inhabitants has been extremely helpful: I have identified with their stories of migration, struggles, adaptation and the inexplicable feeling of those who are far away from their homeland… Migrantour has therefore taught me to accept our differences.Rebel and contradictory, Marseille is a pearl to be discovered. So, let us deep dive in its stories and discover its several mysteries together…

*Journalist for press, radio and TV / Press agent