Feng Mei

feng-mei hu

My name is Feng Mei, I was born in China in 1980 and in the 90s I emigrated to Italy with my family. I have always lived in Turin: it is a city that I know quite well, from its history, to the streets that characterise it, to the places I go in my free time – the parks, the libraries, the communal spaces, the piazzas and markets. Porta Palazzo is Turin’s market and the place where I find a bit of my faraway home, with shops that can provide me with familiar items and foods. At the same time, this piazza is a market of the world that offers opportunities for meeting and exchange, for discovering new scents, flavours and sounds. Porta Palazzo is a place for getting to know a culture that is thoroughly Italian, for encountering a smile, hurried perhaps, but all the sweeter for being found in the course of an ordinary activity like shopping!