MGT Mars Ezequiel Mygrantour_

¡Hola amigos! My name is Ezequiel and I was born in a small village of the Argentinian pampa, a land of broad landscapes, excellent meat, gauchos riding horses and amazing sunsets. During my studies in visual anthropology, I have worked as a photographer and as a documentalist for the La Plata National University, but at the end of my studies, I have decided to experience my strong passion for travelling. I have therefore left for Mexico, where I met a beautiful French girl… and three years ago I was catapulted through the Atlantic Ocean to continue my adventure in ancient Marseille, a wonderful and crossbred town, without knowing a word of French and with no money in my pocket. At the beginning it has been very hard and this experience has made me understand what my Spanish grandparents must have felt when they disembarked in Argentina more than 80 years ago. I have been immediately charmed by this phocean town, where I am following my path taking advantage of its extraordinary setting, day by day. Thanks to Migrantour, I can now share both my love for this town full of history and my personal experience as a migrant. ¡Hasta pronto!