MGT Mars Diana


Before arriving in Marseille, people told me that it was the poorest town in France and that its center appeared among the most popular ones in the EU countries.

When I left Bogotá (Colombia), the 10-million inhabitant town where I was born, I thought that probably Marseille would be similar to it.

After 2 years spent in Marseille, I can now say that its popular, crossbred and rebel personality makes it a unique cosmopolitan town, which is different from any other large international town.

This personality has significantly facilitated my integration. Thanks to its curious and generous inhabitants, who are used to welcome people coming from all latitudes, I can say that I really feel at home here.

Thanks to Migrantour, I have learnt the history of this town, an ancient colonial harbor and I have understood the cultures of its inhabitants and neighborhoods that make Marseille a town hosting all communities, including Italians, Armenians, Portuguese, Maghribians, Africans and now, Asians, living here.

Today, I am the one unveiling the soul of Marseille to its inhabitants and tourists.