I’ve been living in Italy for 20 years, but I was living in Europe -in Austria to be precise- when I decided to move to Florence to study and work. I changed many jobs and studied at a translation and interpreting school. I’ve seen many cities both in Italy and abroad, still, my favourite is Florence. That’s why I decided to live here. What I miss the most about Nigeria is the food, in particular the ‘fufu’, a kind of pasta made with buttonwood flour seasoned with a sauce made with vegetables, fish, and ‘ugba’, dried deeds of a tropical plant called ‘oil been seed’. I really enjoy listening to music, and I love the different cultures. I have also sung songs in my own language, the ‘Ido’, at the theatre. But my biggest passion are the stories which, in Nigeria, are handed down orally from one generation to the next, and sometimes I like telling them to the children.