My name is Amjed… I am Iraqi, from Mesopotamia, where the first civilization of the world was born and the fist letter in history was written.

I currently live in Rome, between the Coliseum and Piazza San Pietro, and I am proud to be a little piece of the Roman mosaic, a mosaic full of history, culture and art. To me, Rome is my hometown, right after Tikrit, because in Rome my soul and my mind were born twice. I am an artist, I paint using the Arab handwriting, and I am also involved in the digital photography; I couldn’t resist the beauty of the roman historic monuments. I don’t feel far from Iraq, here I have all I need. I can find fellow countrymen (a few), Iraqi markets, mixed cultures, and a friendly environment. I am always willing to meet and get to know different cultures, sharing my own culture. For this reason I’ve worked as a cultural mediator .