My name is Mirela and I arrived 9 years ago from Romania. At first, I was very frightened. I didn’t speak a word of Italian and I didn’t understand how to better integrate into a strange environment. Slowly, slowly, I found a job, learned the language and got to know many people – Italians and foreigners – who helped me also feel at home here in Turin. Now I feel just as Italian as Romanian. I have two great jobs: I am an intercultural mediator at a health clinic for migrants and an intercultural companion at Porta Palazzo, a hugely diverse area.  This gives me the opportunity to help Italians and migrants realise the things that should unite us: things that we have in common and things that make us feel different, and therefore special. By introducing adults and young people to the culinary traditions, customs, and conventions of migrants in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible, that is, by immersing them in a sea of flavours, colours, and smells, I can help the integration of many people who, like me, have decided to move to a new country to improve their lives.