Rome MygranTour: a journey to the heart of yesterday’s and today’s capital of cultures!

Rome, political capital of Italy, with an immense historical and cultural heritage has always been at the forefront of the migratory flows that went on to characterise the rest of the country.  Initially coming from the South of Italy and then from the rest of the world, these flows have contributed to the size of the city and reinforced its international character.  Almost all the world’s nationalities are present in Rome:  The first foreign migrants arrived from Africa – Eritrea, Senegal and the Maghreb. In the 1980s followed Asian migrants from Bangladesh and the Philippines. Then from the 1990s came migrants from China, Eastern Europe from Romania to Poland and from South America, especially Peru.

As of 2012, thanks to the first feasibility studies and to the training of a small group of interested migrant citizens, Viaggi Solidali, in collaboration with Oxfam Italia has been able to organise approximately fifty tours for locals, tourists, visitors, schools and the plain curious.  Through the words of migrants we discover the hidden secrets, both small and large, and the contributions different cultures have made and are making in the city.


First tour: an intercultural walk in the Rione Esquilino
Second tour: the district Torpignattara