A migrant tour in discovery of Milan

Throughout its history, Milan has been a city of immigration and a beacon for individuals and communities of very different origins. Whilst the city was a centre for southern Italian migration in the 1980s, today people from hundreds of different countries can be seen walking its streets. It is down to this increase in demographic growth that Milan’s size has increased notably, becoming a metropolis approaching the dimensions of Rome. One could faithfully say that Milan was made by migrants: the Italian migrants of yesterday and the foreign migrants of today!

A growing city population is indicator not only of growth and development but also cultural wealth! Walking through certain areas of Milan, one can be overwhelmed by the fusion of flavours, smells, sounds and faces, all different but at the same time familiar, because mixed in with Milanese traditions.

As a result, from 2011, ViaggiSolidali and Fondazione ACRA-CCS, with on-the-ground collaboration from Mowgli, decided to develop responsible tourist routes through two historic areas of Milanese migration: Via Padova and Via Paolo Sarpi.


Via Padova, a window on the world
Via Padova, a window on the world for students and teenagers
Via Paolo Sarpi - T'el chi Chinatown
Porta Venezia: from The Betrothed to the Horn of Africa


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