Martha acosta

My name is Martha, I am Peruvian, and I come from the heart of the Inca civilization: CUSCO. My parents and my whole family are Peruvian (I am still working on my husband’s transformation!). I completed a Master’s in Management and Tourism at the Cusco University of San Antonio and I worked in hotels and travel agencies until I started working as a tourist guide. I consider Turin not just an arrival point but a good starting point for my life; I owe a lot to the city that has always reached out and welcomed me. I lived initially in the neighbourhood of San Salvario but I considered the Turin Cathedral and the market of Porta Palazzo my favourite refuge: I don’t think there is a single migrant that has not seen or passed through this area at one time or other. I could find people from my own country and from others and they would keep me company in those days. It was not loneliness but an immense nostalgia for eating Peruvian food. It was difficult to prepare my traditional dishes but fortunately today there are many shops – so all that’s left to say is, “what are we having today?”. For this reason, I believe Turin is the finest city, because the world is here at your fingertips!