Kora Mogrovejo

IMG_7216  My name is Kora and I come from Ecuador, I love to travel and meet new cultures.

Having migrated and being a migrant has allowed me to learn new skills and expertise, languages, to get formal and informal knowledge, new friends and support, and the ability to have relationships and to adapt.

Migrating changes your identity, offering you the possibility to “Be a cultural mediator, an interpreter, an intercultural companion in Italy”.

Ecuador is the country having the highest biodiversity and cultural and historical richness, making it a unique tourist destination in the world. It is a beautiful, sweet and extraordinary rainbow. There is no other place having the same richness of landscapes and climates: deserts, highlands, forests.

Ecuador: history, culture, knowledge and flavors.

Welcome to my country.

Bienvenidos a mi país.

Mi casa es su casa.