My Italian story started almost 8 years ago when I chose to leave my beautiful country (Romania) and start out on my own into an unknown world, in discovery of tomorrow. I started off working on cruise ships so as to be able to explore the world and then in 2006, I decided that that voyage had to finish in order to begin building something more significant. I settled in Turin where I started a new life working as a waitress. The beauty and richness of the city encouraged me to find out more about its history and culture, its food and much besides, until I came to feel I was part of it all. After having completed a qualification course to be a Turin and Provincial Tourist Guide and passed the final exam, I changed profession. Today I am able to share my passion with all those who come to visit and discover multi-ethnic Turin. I am a new Torinese like many other people from different backgrounds and cultures who have arrived from all across the world and are united by the streets of the same city.