Catania: lava, sea and migrations

Catania has been involved in immigration flows which, after the seventies, have flocked to the cities of Mediterranean Europe and which are parallel to an exodus of local labor force towards more dynamic labor markets. To date, the city has about 13,000 foreign residents, equal to 4% of the population. The five largest settling nationalities are Sri Lankan (about 18.9% of total foreign residents), Rumanian (16.4%), Chinese (9, 4%), the Mauritian (8.9%), the Bengali (6.8%). Do not underestimate the residents from Senegal and Morocco, communities particularly rooted in the territory of Catania. The high concentration of foreign citizens in Catania means that about seventeen are employed by non-Italian citizens. In the metropolitan area of ​​Catania, the effects of the employment deficit that characterizes the south are mitigated by the opportunities offered by a relatively lively and dynamic economy.


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