The City of the Thousand Faces

Nicknamed the “City of the Thousand” because of the many Bergamascan volunteers who participated in the expedition led by Garibaldi in 1860, Bergamo became an attractive territory for immigration at the end of the 20th century due to its economic wealth and strategic location. The urban center, divided into a “Lower City” and an “Upper City” separated by the Venetian walls now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been enriched over the years by the presence of numerous non-native communities. The city hosts about 20,000 citizens of foreign origin, 16.6 percent of the total resident population. The five largest nationalities are represented by Bolivia, Romania, Ukraine, Morocco, and the People’s Republic of China.

In this context, Cooperativa Impresa Sociale Ruah operates, founded in January 2009 by the association Comunità Immigrati Ruah Onlus, itself established in 1991 to respond to the migration emergency in the Bergamo area. Cooperativa Ruah offers in the field of social and health care and protection of civil rights welcome services, job placement and training on intercultural approach. It also offers services related to the themes of reuse, recycling, critical consumption, social and responsible tourism.

Cooperativa Ruah is the lead agency of the Migrantour Bergamo project, launched in 2020 with the contribution of FIEB – Fondazione Istituti Educativi di Bergamo and managed in partnership with Viaggi Solidali S.C.S. (Turin), ACRA Foundation (Milan), Donizetti Theater Foundation, Bergamo City Council, Lombard Association of Small Communities with Great Cultural Heritage.


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In Bergamo intercultural urban routes are promoted by Cooperativa Impresa Sociale Ruah

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