Exploring the worlds of Barcelona.

Migrantour Barcelona aims to address the interculturality of our city with a local and international vision, promoting migrants and connecting citizens and visitors of Barcelona. Migration is a global concept that runs throughout human history and is an axis of change in our cities. Through the intercultural guides who explain their culture and personal history during the tour.
In one of the most stigmatized neighborhoods of the city, the Raval, often dismissed as a neighborhood of crime and inequality, we present in Migrantour an example of neighborhood organization, anti-racist struggle and activist movements. A city with more than 179 nationalities according to the Municipality’s Statistical Report 79 in 2019, or the 300 languages spoken in the community according to the NGO Linguapax. In short, an infinite number of ways to see and live our world and our lives.
The project is promoted by the cooperative Nexes Interculturals, we work by creating connections and networks at the local and international level, reinforcing the impact of collective projects. We are committed to intercultural learning, active participation, democracy, human rights, international cooperation and the fight against social exclusion in order to lay the foundations for sustainable social change.
Here you find a short video presentation of our walking tours in English and in Spanish.


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In Barcelona intercultural urban routes are promoted by Nexes Interculturals SCCL 

Local coordinator: Alberto Tarragó Durán


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