Adriana offredi

My name is Adriana and I am Italo-Colombian, born in Bogotà, Colombia, and brought up there until I was 10, the age when I moved to Turin. My paternal grandfather was from a small village near to Lecco and emigrated to Colombia during the second world war. I study law at the University of Turin. I believe interculture is a wonderful opportunity because it enables you to get closer to cultures and ways of life that are completely different from one another but just as fascinating and exciting to discover. I am passionate about languages, music and dance. Turin? I think it is a beautiful city because it is not just about industry or business but also about nature, parks, people, environments… Porta Palazzo and San Salvario are two neighbourhoods I go to: Porta Palazzo is home to the largest (and in my opinion, most affordable) market in Europe; and San Salvario is the “hub” for the bulk of Latin American restaurants, delis, food shops, and associations… where I’m headed to rather often.